5 Facts About Joe Francis

You’re probably wondering who Joe Francis is; well, I was wondering that too. If I told you what he does, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about, but might not know he’s the guy behind it.

Well, he’s the guy who created Girls Gone Wild. Yeah, t​hat guy.​Whether you like him or find what he does disgusting, the guy made a highly successful product. He got sued and put in jail a lot, but he still made a lot of money.

His life is unlike many of ours, and there are five surprising things that you might like to know about the guy. You might still hate his guts, but at least you know a little more about him and might even find more reason to hate him. It’s a win­win, really.

#1: H​e has twin daughters with Abbey Wilson,​the girl who won the “Search for the Hottest Girl in America” contest in 2012. They started dating after they met, and last October she gave birth to the twin girls. They are still together, if you can believe that.

#2: F​rancis and Wilson chose the sex of their daughters. T​he couple both wanted to have daughters, so they used in virto fertilisation to ensure they were both healthy and strong baby girls.

# 3 : Girls Gone Wild went bankrupt.  Yup, there won’t be any more infomercials on late night TV for you to sample, so you’re gonna have to go back to regular porn, which is pretty much everywhere on the internet. Back in 2013 Francis filed for bankruptcy and ended the video series that you always had to hide from your mom.

# 4 : He donated to the Red Cross.  When President Bush was mucking about, Francis decided to give all of the profits for Mardi Gras videos that were sold that year to help the Red Cross give Katrina victims relief. This makes sense, as he probably wanted to help New Orleans get back up and running so he could make more Mardi Gras videos full of women exposing themselves for necklaces.

#5: H​e’s friends with the Kardashians.​ He’s closest to Kourtney and Scott Disick, and actually they were the first friends Joe and Abbey told once Abbey became pregnant. It makes sense since they all live in Hollywood, but you might not think Francis would have any connections with the Kardashians.

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