5 Reasons You Suck At SEO

Properly utilizing SEO will help your business stay afloat and can make it flourish. It’s something that every business owner who has a website for their business needs to know about, and if you use it correctly you can generate huge profits and take giant leaps past your competition.

There may be a few reasons why your site may be failing to get traffic, and below are a few reasons why this may be the case.

#1: Content quality

The content on your site needs to be relevant and informative, not only to people on your site, but to Google and other search engines as well. For consumers to stay on your site, you need content that is relevant to them, whether it is answering a question they have or shedding light on something they didn’t know about previously.

Google also wants your content to be good on your site because they want to provide high quality sites on their search results. If your content has keywords and phrases relevant to your site and business, Google will like that a lot and your site can potentially end up on the first page of a Google search. This will bring in loads of traffic and potentially loads of profits.

#2: Site speed

If your website takes too long to load, consumers will abandon it and move on to a competitor. If this problem goes without getting fixed, word will be spread about it and you’ll find your site appearing deep into Google search results rather than on the first few pages. That’s not good.

#3: High bounce rate

This can be related to your content or the speed of your site, among other things. If your content doesn’t capture a visitor’s attention and retain that attention, they’ll leave and maybe never return. You just missed out on a client who could use your services or products for years. Generate content that is relevant to consumers and they’ll stay on your site, and Google will notice the traffic your site generates and put it high up on search results, creating even more traffic for your site. If people leave your site quickly, Google will see that too and will knock your site down a few pages on search results.

#4: Social Media Syndication

If you don’t put the content on social media or provide links to it on social media, many potential consumers won’t hear about your website. Successful businesses plaster their content all over social media, utilizing all mediums. The more exposure, the more profits you can make.

#5: Titles and Keywords

If your content doesn’t have a catchy title or draw in attention of potential users, they simply won’t view that content or visit your site, and thats never good for your website’s SEO. A good title will include words that people will enter into Google or will ask a question they are looking for an answer to. Your content needs to have those keywords as well, since Google looks for those in the title and content and could potentially show your site on the first results page.

Check out this cool video for more information on SEO titles and keywords

Overall, make sure your site provides answers to consumers questions or provides a service that they can use. Use keywords and great content to attract customers and retain them with that content and build a site. Build it, and they will come.

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