5 Best Restaurants in Chico

The Banshee is one of the best places in downtown Chico to get unique and quality burgers, entrees, beer and cocktails in a super cool environment. Their prices are decently affordable, especially considering the quality you’re paying for.

The Banshee’s offerings don’t go unnoticed or underappreciated. The restaurant has over 240 reviews with an average of a four out of five­star rating

The Banshee has a cozy, casual yet exclusive feel with the dim lighting, close seating and small space overall. It has a full bar and funky, rustic and unique decorations that make it stand out against the other spots in Chico.

Items that The Banshee are known for includes their famous mac and cheese, black and blue burger, fish tacos and pastrami bomb.

2. Peking

If you didn’t know exactly where you were going, you probably would never find this place, because it’s located underground.

Peking might not have the best quality Chinese food ever, but honestly that’s not what people go for when visiting Peking.

The environment is super cool and laid back, you can wear either a dress and heels or sweats and running shoes and either wouldn’t be considered weird.

Peking is awesome for big group dinners because they have cheap saki bombs and don’t care at all if you’re not 21. And the place is usually pretty empty, so it’s like having the place to yourself.

The food itself might not be amazing, but it’s a step above panda express and won’t give you food poisoning or anything.

Peking gets the job done for a good price.

3. Italian Cottage

If you have never been to Italian Cottage, you have to try it at least once.

The environment is supposed to be very rustic Italian, so there’s sawdust covering all of the floors, and the waiters and waitresses are dressed in full­on costumes.

All of this combined with the booths and walls that are made of light wood, making the restaurant feel like something out of a movie.

They have a huge menu offering everything Italian you can imagine, from minestrone soup to handmade pizzas and calzones.

The food is about a 3.5 out of five stars, good but nothing amazing. I suggest going anyways because of the environment, and the authentic, made­from­scratch food.

4. Crush
Crush is a swanky Italian restaurant located in an upstairs building in downtown Chico.

The environment is super sleek but comfortable and is a perfect place to bring visiting parents, go on a date or go on a girls night.

The best thing about Crush has to be their happy hour, which is arguably the best in town. (They have a late lunch/ dinner happy hour as well as a late night one.)

For $4 or $5 you can choose from almost 15 yummy and unique cocktails, and only $2 or $3 for beer.

5. The Breakfast Buzz

I saved the best for last. The Breakfast Buzz offers a large breakfast spread including their famous breakfast burritos, breakfast sandwiches and a ton of different plates.

But the best thing The Breakfast Buzz offers is their bottomless mimosas for $10. This is sure to get you really buzzed, real quick.

The environment is super fun and laid back, mainly because it’s filled with dozens of hungover college students who all have the same goal: to stay drunk.

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