5 Date ideas that will get you laid


If you’re in a relationship, you know that every so often you’re going to need to create a little spark to revitalize your relationship or do something to show the other person that you love them. These gestures typically end in amazing sex and a happy couple.

If you’re single but have a hot date lined up, you’ll need to have a date planned out that is fun, intimate, casual, and romantic all rolled into one. If you do it right, you’re definitely going to get some action.

In case you’re all out of ideas for the first or fiftieth date, listed below are date ideas that will get you laid.

# 1 : Cook for her.

This is a great first date idea, and if you’ve been together for a while, show off your new cooking skills.

The thing is, you have to know how to cook.

Scratch that. All you have to do is know how to read, which you’re doing right now, so you’re good to go.

You might have to look up some nuances but if you literally follow the directions, whatever you make will turn out just fine. Watch a video or look up various recipes for something to find the easiest recipe or exactly how to sauté those veggies.

But guys, remember that you’re cooking for a girl, not your bros. Burgers and fries will n ot suffice; think of something light that your mom made, or heck, give her a call.

If you give mom a call, you’ll kill two birds with one stone: check in and get a great idea for your date. Just don’t let her ramble, and tell her you’ve been cleaning your place up, even if you haven’t.

But once you’ve got that recipe, you’re creating the building blocks for love and romance, which is something the ladies really care about. If you’ve got more than a day before the date, practice cooking that meal if you’re not confident in your cooking skills.

If you’re an awful cook (which seems hard to do to me; just follow the directions) then making it before the date will help and you won’t ruin the date by having a poorly prepared meal.

Mess up the first time so you don’t do it later when it really counts.

To cap off the date, just get a bottle or two of wine, and let her choose a movie. Once she walks into your place and smells what you’ve made, you’ve earned thousands of bonus points (and those points help you get laid).

#2: Collaborate with her. W ith this idea, you’ll need to work together a little before you meet up.

Suggest a location, like a beautiful scenic area or a spot you feel would be a great picnic spot. Somewhere with people, but not too many; you don’t want any distractions.

Tell them that you’re bringing the food, and that they should bring the drinks. Don’t give too many details on what you’re bringing, but just enough that whatever you both bring doesn’t clash or not go well together.

The idea behind this idea is that it shows her you can be creative and spontaneous; capable of going with the flow. You don’t know what the other person is bringing to the date, only where it is, and that shows that you’re carefree and can improvise when necessary.

A location I’d suggest is a park or somewhere not too far away where you have a great view and other people around, so it still feels romantic without losing the casual fun.

With a date like that, she’s bound to have a good time, and thus so will you. It’ll be a memory you can both look back on fondly, and will get you laid in no time.

#3: Mix it up with her!

To continue with using spontaneity to capture the attention of the girl you like or your significant other, shake it up a bit, literally.

When you two get together, have each of you write up a few date ideas, foods, movies, etc. on strips of paper. Don’t show them to each other, but instead put them in a hat and mix ‘em up a bit.

Draw out two or three strips, and you’ve got a date! To keep it fun, you both have to promise to go through with whatever comes up­ no cheating!

You’ll have a few laughs setting up this date, and will definitely have plenty of things to talk about when you’re on the date.

Once again, this is showing off your awesome creativity and ability to improvise, which she will appreciate, and will probably put you leagues beyond any guy she’s dated before.

Originality will get you far in life, and for sure will help you get laid as well.

# 4 : Pretend with her.

So, the date works like this­ act like it’s your first date! If you live together, don’t spend the day with them and get ready at your friend’s house or something.

Arrange a spot to meet up, like a bar or restaurant­ preferably somewhere you’ve only been to once or a new place entirely. Get to the place a bit before she does, and order a drink at the bar (if it’s a restaurant, hopefully it has a bar).

One thing to mention before the date ­ assume a new identity! This comes in handy later.

Once she arrives, buy her a drink and try to chat her up as if you’ve only just laid eyes on her for the first time. Ask her all those questions you usually ask on first dates like “What do you do for a living?” and all that type of stuff.

As the night goes on, act like you’re becoming more familiar with her and ask her back to your place­ you know she’ll say yes, but if she plays hard­to­get during the night it’ll make it seem more fun and risky.

With this date, you get to do something new with someone you know and love, all the while rekindling the romance in your relationship, and getting you laid.

# 5 : Switch it up like Chaz Bono.

This date involves changing the location of the date for every part of the meal; appetizers, main course, and dessert.

The aforementioned planning is just to make sure that each restaurant’s open times overlap so one doesn’t close early, or you have to wait an hour for the next one to open.

But this date is great because the changing of the setting alone can drive conversation if that isn’t one of your strengths, and it shows that you’re not just another guy; she won’t have been on a date like this ever before.

The free­flowing nature of this date will put both of you at ease and show her how awesome you are, capable of arranging amazing dates and she’s definitely going to brag about you to all of her girlfriends, you can count on that!

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